IKON Junior Reg. Form
IKON Junior Sen. Form

The role of Teachers

The role of teachers is vital in shaping and building the future of the children. Mother is the first teacher and family is the first school. So, the teachers of our school shower as much affection on children.

The role of Principal

Principal leads all activities in the school from the front. He or she is as much interested and involved in imparting best possible education to children through the easiest receptive method as in its growth.

The role of Parents

The role of parents is as much important as of teachers and school in building the future of the children. Mother is the first teacher so she has to be careful of her child’s all activities and family is the first school.

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• Welcome to Ikon Public School •

Ikon Public School is run bye Lord Buddha Charitable Trust' Patna, Bihar. Under 'The Buddhist Society of India, Bihar (India) with an endeavour of facilitate children of each and every community or Concern. With easy accessibility. The school emobodies good features a public school with emphasis on modern culture and envoirement without raising the cost of education. IKON Public school is also recoganized by the Govt. Of Bihar Under RTE Act 2009, Rule 11 and Strictly Followed. '

Our Mission :

Fondle Education's mission is to provide an enriching learning experience to the early learners in their first step towards education. We strive to create a tranquil, curious and challenging environment that foster's the social, physical, emotional and cognitive development of the child. Our aim is to imbibe social, moral and cultural values in early learners and also to arouse in them the feeling of respect and concern towards the environment

Our Vision

It's our vision to nurture today's little learners into tomorrow's responsible and compassionate global citizens because these little ones are going to shape the future of our society tomorrow.

Our Curriculum

We have designed a 360(degree)learning pattern based curriculum while keeping in mind the needs of today's era. Our curriculum aims to develop the child wholly, focusing on children's physical, intelllectual, emotional, linguistic, aesthetic, fine motor skills and social development.


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Why Choose

IKON Public School

We get the students prepared under the C.B.S.E regulation course based on C.C.E pattern. We also provide primary Computer Education, Music Class, Drawing Class, Yoga and Karate with no extra Changes.

Focus On Smart Education

Class rooms with latest technology that aids to enhance teaching outcomes and learning....

Guidance for Sports

Bringing out their innate talent in sports, the children are involved in various sports....

Library Facility

The school has a specious library for all bonafied students of the school to read magzines, story books, Newspapers etc. All classes are provided with at least one library period week

School Lab

The School has wel equipped science and computer lab with the requisite modern scientific apparatus. It is open to all classes at lab period in the time of course of study.

Your child Our Child – Home Away Home

In most urban families today, both the parents are working. The joint families have disintegrated and have become nucleus families wherein there is hardly anybody to look after the small children.Contact Us.