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Ikon Public School is run under Lord Buddha Charitable Trust and its located at Buddhijeevi Colony, Mahavir Nagar, 70 Feet Road, Patna, Bihar which is offering quality education of the highest standard in the country with greatest convenience & safety for its students specially Girl students to commute to and from school.

One thing that is perceptible in today's Indian society is a definite glamour among the masses for securing quality schooling for their wards. This is a sign of a throbbing society which, increasingly, desires to avail certain decency in life. But owing to a general lack of access to quality schooling for various reasons, a sense of desperation has gripped the minds of majority of conscious guardians. This is perhaps more true of the milieu that a place, like Ara and its adjoining areas, together, represent, Especially due to markedly poor availability of good institutions, We believe, We do not intend to make any statement on the kind of competition this reality has generated otherwise, here or elsewhere..


Our vision at Ikon Public School School is to empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value knowledge and skills that will support them, as life-long learners, to participate in and contribute to the global world and practice the core values of the school: respect, tolerance & inclusion, and excellence.


O     Is to enable all learners' access to learning through the provision of:-

O     Differentiated, in-depth and cohesive learning programs aligned to year level content and achievement standards informed by the Australian curriculum.

O     Highly effective teachers, focused on improving student outcomes, through their commitment to ongoing professional development, quality teaching, evidence based practices, coaching and mentoring and collaboration.

O     A quality inclusive learning environment that is responsive to student voice enriching, engaging resources.

O     Opportunities for community and parents to participate in learning and decision making partnerships.


The school is located at Patna (Bihar). Its proximity both to railway station and main bus stand, gives the parents and added advantage to taking their children to the school and back home with minimum loss of time and with greater safety.


The sums up the purpose for which this school exist today, There may surely be many more additions to the list of objectives but there will absolutely be no going back on the two ideals styled above.


O     Exploring and developing child's innate qualities by providing him/her with ample opportunities in and outside the school.

O     Developing capacity to think and speak logically, effectively and creatively.

O     Infusing in the child a spirit of adventure, fair play and justice.

O     Inculcating a feeling of pride of India's pluralistic culture & producing responsible citizen in the spirit of Indianans.

O     Helping them grow into an adult well adjusted to the society at large.


The medium of instruction is entirely English. All subjects except Hindi and Sanskrit, are taught in English medium.

O     A well -endowed library.

O     Adequate facility for games and sports.

O     Extra classes for special learning needs of students who fare average.

O     Unit test ensure proper evaluation.

O     Computer education in regular school curriculum.

O     Parent-teacher meeting at regular intervals.

O     Digital Classroom.


In the age of computer, computer literacy is must. So, computer education is compulsory for all classes. The computer room is designed to bring the latest in the field of information technology within the practical reach of every student.


With the availability of the fully furnished labs modern amenities are being provided to all the students to promote understanding of all science subject.


With the availability of the fully furnished labs modern amenities are being provided to all the students to promote understanding of all science subject.


Approval of the CBSE Board for introducing the Skill subject(s) in Secondary classes, it is hereby informed that our school has been permitted to offer the following skill subject(s) in class VIII with effect from Academic Session 2021-22:


808 - Agriculture

821 - Media


For senior secondary classes XI and XII.